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BEFORE WE EAT: from farm to table, tells the story of the many people who are involved in getting food to our tables.


In THE BEST AND HARDEST THING, a young adult novel in verse, Molly Biden struggles with the natural urge to be popular.


In SOMETIMES WE WERE BRAVE, Jerome’s mom, who is in the Navy, goes to sea and he learns to be brave.


In I REMEMBER MISS PERRY, Stevie and his classmates share happy memories about their former teacher.


In MELISSA PARKINGTON'S BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL HAIR, a young girl wants to be noticed for more than her beautiful hair.


In TAP-DANCE FEVER, a young girl's constant dancing drives everyone in her town crazy; but, by the end of the story, the town's people see things differently.


In MAMA LOVES ME FROM AWAY, a young girl and her mother, who is in prison, manage to maintain and strengthen their relationship when they are forced by circumstances to be apart.


In BEACH IS TO FUN, the story of a young boy's visit to the beach is told in rhyming analogies.


When Laura goes to bed, she always asks her father for the story of the STAR BLANKET. Deep dark blue with forty-one white stars, it was her father's blanket when he was young and each star is named after a member of the family.


In HOBBLEDY-CLOP, Brendan O'Doyle is taking a tea party to his grandmother's house. He is joined by a host of animal friends, as he and his little red wagon go hobbledy-clop, hobbledy-clop, up the road to Grandma's.


In BERTIE'S PICTURE DAY, Bertie has an eventful weekend before the Monday when school pictures are scheduled to be taken. He loses a tooth, gets a shiner and receives a "terribly interesting haircut" from his little sister, Eloise, but still manages to look spiffy for the camera.



SKY MEMORIES is a novella about a girl whose mother dies of cancer. It tells about Emily and her Mom's last year together, gathering mental "snapshots" of the sky, which will comfort Emily after her mother is gone.



LITTLE SISTER, BIG SISTER, has four easy-to-read stories about little sister, Edna, and her big sister, Hester. Hester tricks Edna into doing Hester's chores in "Queen", but Edna does her own share of teasing in "The Chocolate Bar". In "Mermaids" and "Thunder Cookies" the sisters come to each other's help when it's most needed. A recipe for Thunder Cookies is included as well!



HOT FUDGE HERO, is a collection of three easy-to-read stories about Bertie. His adventures include getting his ball back from his mean next door neighbor, learning to play the saxophone, and getting his first strike in bowling.



In THE SUMMER MY FATHER WAS TEN, a girl tells the story she hears each year from her father about when he and some friends carelessly destroyed a neighbor's garden. He manages to make amends and develop a strong friendship with his neighbor in the process.



WANDA'S ROSES tells the story of Wanda, who finds a bare, thorny bush in an abandoned lot and believes it's a rosebush. She is convinced that if she takes very good care of it, it will produce beautiful, sweet-smelling roses. Her neighbors tell her that it isn't really a rosebush, but Wanda's persistence pays off and she does get beautiful, sweet-smelling roses in the end.



In BENNY'S PENNIES, a young boy sets out from home with five new pennies, determined to buy all the things his family has suggested. This is a story for preschool and kindergarten children, but the wonderful illustrations by Bob Barner will appeal to all ages.



MAGIC CARPET is a story about Elizabeth and her Aunt Agatha and the story they make up about how a special rug came all the way from China and ended up at Aunt Agatha's house in New Jersey.



In YOUR BEST FRIEND, KATE, Kate goes on vacation with her parents and younger brother, Brian. They start out in New Jersey and visit Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and Pennsylvania. Kate writes letters to her best friend, Lucy, from each of the states she visits.



In the next book, KATE HEADS WEST, Kate visits Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona with her friend, Lucy, and Lucy's parents. This time, Kate writes letters to a lot of people back home, including her teacher, her parents, her friend, Bucko, and her dentist.



In KATE ON THE COAST, Kate moves with her family to Seattle, Washington and they visit places in Washington, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Alaska and British Columbia.



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